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Home –Since 1979, according to a market research, the shortage of tourism events in Brasilia was a hard fact. Motivated by an inherent perspective as the big entrepreneurs, Ruben Parrilla founded  IMAGENS PROMOÇÕES, leading company in designing and execution of national and international events. IMAGENS´S highlight products are the planning, creation and execution of events not just to the Estate and Federal Government but also private companies which promote congress and conventions.



Feira Capital Estudante

Imagens Promoções









A Feira Capital Estudante promove diversas atividades com o objetivo de estimular o interesse e o conhecimento dos estudantes, aproximando-os das instituições de ensino. A Feira reúne, num só local, as camadas de interesse entre o mundo acadêmico e o mercado de trabalho.

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Site do evento: http://www.capitalestudante.com.br/

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Our main system used to assemble the stands is the OCTANORM – world known aluminum modulated system for stands montage. It is  a 8 sides aluminum tube with many lengths and Slots. This part works as a connector where you can fit together many different types of crossbars (straight, curved, thin, thick, etc.).